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Check out a new vampire novelist. Read her latest series Mantis based off of characters from the novle Wrath.

I’ve had the honor of befriending someone I respect and believe will be one of the next most successful authors of the decade. Lucky for you the readers, Candace Bowser appreciates the general public and already has an outstanding fan base. There were many great events in American history. In 1968 the average cost for a dozen eggs was $0.53 and Luis Walter Alvarez won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to elementary particle physics. On June 16th of that same year “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel was number one song on the charts and author Candace Bowser was born in Altoona Pennsylvania. Residing in Kansas City Missouri, Candace is married to her husband of twenty-five years, Todd. I asked Candace for a list of published works she has done over the years and where her motivations for writing came from. She replied,

“During the 1990's I wrote for the Psychic Research Society in Kansas City in a monthly periodical. The featured article was entitled Into the Mystic which featured how modern day traditions descended from ancient cultures. I also did lectures and speaking engagements. I also wrote for an ezine for several months but sadly the owner had a family tragedy and she had to abandon the project. My inspiration to write really came from 2 sources, my father Tim Blackburn and my high school literary teacher, Mr John Herman. Both my parents are avid readers and my father encouraged me to read books like Empire of the East, Catch 22 and the Tolkien works, which are not books which most kids would ever think about reading.

Mr Herman critiqued my short stories in high school and often encouraged me to pursue a career in writing. Which I did, it was just a little later than I imagined! My inspirations really come from quality moments that came from dad. We used to watch this really hookey horror show from KDKA in Pittsburgh called 'Chiller Theater'. Nothing too terrifying, mostly old black and white horror films. There just was nothing better than staying up late with my father to watch scary movies as far as I was concerned. I think my fondest memories about those times were my dad's invention of the 'weredeer' Once I was really scared and told him that there were vampires and werewolves living in our cornfield. Thats when my dad told me that our family was protected by 'weredeer'. He said, 'the reason the deer have white tails is so they can alert the other deer when vampires and werewolves were about and the deer's horns shine brightly in the light of the full moon because they were really made of silver.' Since we had alot of deer on our farm, I figured I was really safe! It worked and I wasn't scared anymore and I could keep watching scary movies with my dad. My love of all things scary never stopped as I got older, it actually intensified if anything. I got the idea for my currently published novel Origins Blood in the Sand when I was a senior in high school. I never thought vampires were just superficial bloodsuckers. I just had this feeling they were much more complicated than we humans understood. I also knew that they were much much older than how they were portrayed in film and literature.

If Babylon and Ancient Sumeria were considered the Cradle of Civilization, why wouldn't that be the perfect place for their creation? It was something I toyed with throughout the years but never really acted on till I turned 40. I thought about all the things I hadn't accomplished yet that I had promised myself I would do and writing a book was one of them. I began composing Origins in April of 2009 and finished her in January 2010. I think what means the most to me is the response I have gotten from my readers. I have had some really in-depth conversations with them about the characters of Origins. One reader, a guy named Eric told me that I really did vampires justice! I thought that was really awesome coming from a man's perspective. My vampires are more complicated than most. Being truly immortal can have its downfalls! As far as ideas, I am just one of those really unique people who has a really vivid imagination.

I get struck with inspiration in the strangest places, like the grocery store, while I am frying bacon for breakfast or doing laundry. It is just one of those weird things. I have to keep paper nearby at all times. Sometimes, I think to myself, wow you better write that one down! It amuses my husband. My purse is quickly become a library of unpublished ideas!“

To be honest, when I asked her this I wasn’t sure what she was going to say. Growing up during those years, I remember girls making fun of boys for reading fantasy novels such as those by Tolkien. Candace Bowser is truly unique with many facets of her character yet to be admired by the general public, I believe her unique desires and qualities are going to be what drive her to success. I asked Candace Bowser to enlighten her readers with her experience with publishers and other authors. She replied insightfully,

“Publishing really has been a huge learning curve for me. There is so much more involved than you could really imagine. Let alone the work you pour into your novel. Finding an agent, finding a publisher, sending out inquiry letters is really labor intensive. Not to mention watching the mail and email for responses and the rejection letters. You can't take it personal. It's all about perspective. As far as authors go, I have met some the nicest people I have ever encountered in my life. We share a special bond and a unique perspective. I know I have made friends who I will be contact with the rest of my life even though I have never met them in person.(I hope you know I mean you and Steve) I feel really fortunate to have met the authors I have. We encourage each other and help to keep each other’s spirits up when they waiver. It's a special community. It's like being part of family.”

Her response choked me up I must admit. Such a humble and likable individual, Candace Bowser possesses characteristics in which she seems to always want to write something better the next time and push her skills and imagination to her limits, all the while believing she has no limits. After reading a teaser from her upcoming novel with a title yet to be released, Candace captivated me with her talent to take on this new project and make it a masterpiece in the works.  Speaking of future works and publications scheduled for release, I asked Candace what we should watch for with her upcoming works.

“Reign of Blood is the second book in the Origins Vampire Trilogy. It will be available as an e-book this summer through Barnes and Noble Booksellers till I find a publisher or an agent. The third book entitled the Blood Key should be completed by this fall, with a little luck! Right now I am waiting to hear back from a publisher about a paranormal thriller called The Mirror and I have 2 other books in the works which I think my fans will really enjoy. They aren't vampire novels but they have unique twists and fall into the supernatural genre.”

I asked the question, who is Candace Bowser and claimed the answer could come from her or her husband. Her husband wrote,

“My wife is really easy going. She just has this fantastic faith and belief that everything will always work out, no matter what. I admire that about her. I know she will be a very successful writer one day. How couldn't she be with an attitude like that? I'm really proud of her. She got a book published and that was her dream. Not many people can say that which was why I wrote an email to KCTV5 in Kansas City to see if they would feature her. They have a segment about people who have accomplished their dreams or done great things with their lives. She was really surprised when they called her for an interview. I am not sure who was more nervous, me or her but she did just fine. It makes me feel really proud of her when I watch her talk to people about her books. She just lights up. It really is fun to watch her.”

Candace also replied and wrote, ”I am an eternal optimist. I always look on the bright side. Life is too short not too. I get really excited when I have an idea, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. It's all good. I try to see the beauty in everyday life. Nearly dying at age 26 changed my perspectives about life a lot. There's an old Chinese proverb that says 'life is a joke, the key is remembering to laugh.' I think those are pretty good words to live by and be nice to other people you meet. Sometimes the bright point in their day might be your smile. You just never know.”

She calls herself the “anti-Anne Rice” and I asked her to clarify what exactly she meant by this. She replied, “Though I really wasn't a huge fan of Interview with a Vampire, I loved her series on the Mayfair Witches. She struggled so hard to become a published a writer and her style was unique. I think it is really sad she turned away from her talents but I understand sometimes higher powers call. I would have to say her vampires were more about self gratification and bloodsucking. I think that was why I only thought Interview was okay. I didn't dislike it. I just thought they would be more complicated so I was disappointed. I have had several people ask me if my vampires are like Anne's so I tell them they are Anti-Anne, meaning there really isn't a comparison. My vampires are mine just like Anne's vampires are Anne's. It really isn't fair to compare two different people’s works against each other. Each writer has their own vision. That is what makes us unique. I like Stephen King, his early works but often I find the best horror novels I have read are by people I have never heard of before. Sometimes I feel like the same things get rehashed over and over. Originality is important to me and I think to readers also.”

With a talent for telling a unique and original story, Candace captures concepts and ideas and incorporates them with such compassion that even if there were any possible comparisons, you would not be able to notice them due to her artistic way of creating that vision, the movie we all see in our minds as we read a good book. Candace is like any of us and has drems she wants to make come true. I asked her what her goals were with her writing career that she would like to achieve. She wrote,

“Really what my ultimate goal is for the words within my books to be able to create a painting in which the reader can escape. Even if their vision varies from mine, I can accept that. Everyone's interpretation can't be the same. If they find pleasure and are captivated by the characters that is really all any writer can ask for. I know that's what I hope for when I read a new book. A place where I have never been before and hopefully, one that was unforgettable. Would I like to be so successful I could write for living? Who wouldn't! But if that never happens, that's okay too so long as I can continue doing what I love which is sharing a story with my readers and knowing in the end each word was worthwhile.”

With someone this humble and with a passion for writing, I would expect to see future works become even more popular than some of the latest memorable writers that made it to the big screen. Thank you, Candace and Todd for participating in this interview article. For more information on Candace Bowser, you can find her official author page at:

Article by: Kevin C Davison and participants, Candace and Todd Bowser.

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”


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